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Stitch in Time Quilting Studio has sold quilts from Newfoundland to British Columbia, England and Australia.

why do handmade quilts cost so much?


The cost of materials is anywhere from $15 to $20 a meter. It usually takes 6 meters for the quilt top and 6 meters for bottom so that is $180 to over $320 just for the top and bottom. The bottom averages about $100 per queen/king quilt. That brings the material to $280 to $420 per quilt.


Time is another thing… the standard for time is to go by minimum wage per year. I do not do that. Just remember most of my quilts are hand pieced, so for example:

  • 50 hours to put a standard quilt top together = 50 hrs x minimum wage $13.50 – $675) If you are doing block work it could take from 2 to 5 hours per block depending on design. This price could vary from 12 to 36 blocks. So, price-wise it could be from $972 to $2430 per quilt top.
  • Assembling the quilt 3 hours @ $13.50 = $40.50
  • Thread $10
  • Binding, marking binding 2 hours @$13.50 = $27
  • Attaching binding 10 hours @ $13.50 = $135

If you go by minimum wage figures, you are looking at between $1464.50 low price and $2962.50 high price. This is why my quilts are between $1000 an $1500.

Most of the quilts are hand pieced and all are hand quilted. Everything done in the studio is done with the utmost care.

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